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Personalized Approach

At Barnett Construction, we take the time to listen, seek out, and fully understand our customers needs.  Whether it's through site visits, telephone contact, or through personal client meetings, our staff will be accessible throughout your project.

Barnett Construction, Inc. is experienced in many areas of construction:


  • Grading

  • Concrete (Flat Work)

  • Framing - Wood & Steel

  • Commercial Construction

  • Residential Construction

  • Retail Construction

  • Fine Finish Work

    • Custom Molding / Siding Fabrication & Installation

    • Custom Cabinet Fabrication & Installation

    • Hard Wood Flooring Installation

  • Dry Wall

  • Siding

  • Flooring & Carpeting

  • Glass & Glazing

  • Tile & Waterproofing

  • Structure Re-Leveling

Excellence and Professionalism 

We take pride in our work and will guarantee satisfaction.  BCI also does semi-annual and annual follow-ups after project completion to ensure our customers satisfaction.

Mission Statement

"To provide cost effective quality work and on time project deliverables"

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