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Indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential, at Barnett Construction, Inc. we offer any residential, commercial, and retail construction you may require. We are all about finding the right solution for every situation, and are not deterred by a project challenge!  Below are some of the many projects we have completed.





















Honolulu Coffee Company

This project, located at 1837 Kapiolani Blvd. in Honolulu, Hawaii, was the original site of Coco's Restaurant and Diner.  It then became for many years Hawaii's first Hard Rock Cafe.


In 2015, Honolulu Coffee Company had a vision to use this space as a fully functioning pastry kitchen, coffee bean roasting facility, and retail space that would be come known as the Honolulu Coffee Experience.  Transitioning this vision to reality presented many challenges for design and functionality.  Through teamwork between our client, architect Phillip White and Barnett Construction, those challenges were successfully addressed and resolved.


 It was Barnett Construction Inc.'s privilege to work on this amazing space and become a part of the end product and coffee experience.




















Technical Group



Located at 900 Fort St. Mall, this 5000 sq. ft. office space began with a completely different look.  It's humble beginnings were two completely separate basic offices with a compartmentalized design, with glued on carpet, and wood door/frames with  T-bar ceilings.


Through client input and the design of Philpots Interiors, a single corporate office space incorporating ease of workflow and stimulating textures through material selection was created.


Barnett Construction Inc. brought all this together with our in house project managers, carpenters, as well as our dedicated group of subcontractors and suppliers.  With a number of specialty items provided by both the client as well as the architect, BCI worked together with all parties in coordinating and completing a project that everyone could be proud of.







Black Point Residence



This luxurious home is locate at Black Point Road

Upper Living Room
Pool Day Time
Living Room
Upper Guest Bedroom
Upper Bedroom
Upper Guest Bathroom
Master Bedroom
Overhead Main
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